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For Everything Seki

Where the first duty of love is to listen.

12/21/07 06:06 pm - doggiedynasty - Toshi-chan on WIKI

Oh, I wanted to bring this up really quick about what I read/internet-tranlated off of ToshiSeki's Japanese WIKI article cause it's fun and I was wondering about it.

- Voice type
- Person himself

The article seems to explain that Seki plays mostly the zealous charrie like Momotarous and Shurato, but there's also this part that caught my attention:


"Sense of justice person (char?)"

I don't know if they're talking about Seki himself How cute, feels like me or his voice? If it's the latter, it's just odd to me. ^^ With that crazy voice, you think Seki sounds like a cop?. If it's the person then....wow. I think it's the person.

Other than that, I miss posting here.

1/26/07 10:08 pm - nizlaili - Uhm...I know I promised more scans...^^;

(_ ~.~ _) Gomen-nasai! My treacherous heart faltered... T___T

Hope these are compensation enough? ^^;Collapse )

Hand wasn't steady enough to do the book justice (perhaps in another life, we could all be Seki-sama's personal photographer~ ♥___♥) but I hope you've enjoyed them as much as I did. And still do. ♥___♥ That's it people. Take care and have a nice rabu rabu weekend, ta.

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1/25/07 11:33 pm - nizlaili - HAIL KING SEKI

♥ ♥ ♥ KYAAAAAAAAAAAA~~~~~~!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Uwah I'm hyperventilating. Honestly who in her right mind would be crazy enough to do such a thing to such a precious, precious thing-(although I did hold back tears upon hearing the spine crack) so you girls'd better fangirl and squeeee with me~ T___T/♥___♥/*\^O^/*/~.~/can't decide~~

(Oh well that's a good enough reason to buy a new copy innit? ^^ It's like a new car, you won't enjoy it until you put the first scratch on it-) AND AGAIN, IT'S VERYVERYVERYVERY IMAGE HEAVY.

Does this not look like Seki-sama's sleeping in my bed??? XDDDDDDDDDDCollapse )

"Oh God there's NO EFFING WAY I can bring myself to scan this beauty..... ♥____♥" Says me about 5 hours ago~ ^^; But here goes nothing!

THE FIRST 20 PAGES OR SO OF SEKI-SAMA'S BEAUTIFUL PHOTO & ESSAY BOOK 'MYSELF'(Please pardon the poor scanning skills)Collapse )

Oh and the text pages are super huge in the hope that a kind soul somewhere would translate them for us. ♥___♥ And yes if all goes well i.e.if-I-survive-the-night-after-losing-so-damn-much-body-water *drool* I shall scan the rest of the book. Just-don't pass the scans around (no matter how horribly-scanned you might think they are.) Just let me...bask...in the radiance of the SekiToshi Love Beam, just for a while longer... ♥___♥

PS: To those interested, will update later with Ep 6 of Doctor Who dubbed so keep your eyes open wide! ♥

Oh and something I made my poor F-List do within minutes of receiving the parcel today~

Come on say it after me guys!!! ALL OF YOU!!!!! ~.~

SEKI IS KING!!!!!!!!!!

1/17/07 10:40 am - nizlaili - Hey! How about that? We're 1 year old! ^__^

♥ Happy Birthday, seki_toshihiko! ♥

To those who've been with us since the very beginning, *chuuuuu~~!* Still the middle of the week, can't do much partying but that shouldn't stop us celebrating! *confetti*

This place has given me so much happiness and joy in the past, hope it has had the same effect on you all, and may it continue to brighten up the bleakest of days, the lowest of spirits and the gloomiest of hearts...So here's to us, and to the community, may it flourish under our loving care and of course, the ever-resplendent, super-shiny beam of SekiToshi Love!

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This community is now Friends-Locked to Public Viewing.

12/25/06 01:34 pm - nizlaili - FELIZ NAVIDAD~!

Hello! Just stealing a few seconds to wish everyone in this wonderful community a merry, MERRY Christmas and a happy, HAPPY New year! To those who've been so kindly sharing so much Seki Love lately, otsukaresama! Thank you thank you thank you! *dakko dakko dakko~* Looking forward to more happy, joy-filled Seki-saturated days with you all. Here's to us, and everyone!

♥ ♥ ♥ KAMPAI~~!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

And thanks again for rocking this community so damn hard. You rock.

Now shooh~! Go back to that party!


12/18/06 08:34 pm - asaphira_sachi - Lui AMV

I thought I should let you guys know it exists XD I just found it too while looking for something else. And yes, Lui AMV with Kakumei *O*


11/25/06 08:11 am - crafty_boy - GakiRyou Community + Neo Romance Paradise

Hi, it's been a while since I posted in this community. Shame on me! XD

Some of you might have already seen the post by nekohana at seiyuu, but let me introduce the new community gaki_ryou here, too. ^^ If it's not proper, please delete this post. XD
Read more...Collapse )

11/1/06 08:25 pm - asaphira_sachi - Kakumei lyrics

Hi~ I decided to contribute a small thing ^_^; I SO fell in love with Kakumei... and well, recently I've been doing some romanji typing. So, here's Kakumei. Hopefully will get around with Apollon. Otherwise, someone can take that task. Meanwhile... happy karaoke~ (and if there are any errors, please correct me XD)

革命 (Kakumei)
作詞:こさかなおみ / 作曲:Kagrra
Romanized by Sachiko (happysaber@yahoo.coom)

Kanji & RomanjiCollapse )

10/4/06 07:18 pm - sekitx2 - Seki-sama has a role in this new anime

No idea if role is big or not but if you're a seiyuu otaku there's plenty more in the cast to keep the ears happy:
Shounen Onmyouji

Konishi Katsuyuki, Kaida Yuki, Minagawa Junko, Ishida Akira, Kanna Nobutoshi, Takahashi Hiroki....

Ep1 raw is up now...

9/6/06 06:06 am - nizlaili

So a friend and I got to talking, and we broached the subject of community layout. I get bored very easily so here's the thing~ Do you think black is too sombre a colour for someone as genki as Seki-san? Do you wish to see a different layout in a colour much more fitting for his personality? Or even better, want to make one?

Poll #814920 Colour theme for next layout

So what colour/combination of colours do you associate with Seki Toshihiko-sama?

Please chip in your two pence worth. You can stay anonymous if you wish, so do comment/criticise/make any suggestions, or-

Simply fangirl. ^__^
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