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This is a community dedicated to the super-talented Seki Toshihiko, a veteran seiyuu with a huge fanbase, but still no LJ community of his own! Now there is one! Feel free to celebrate the love-ON ONE CONDITION!

It's got to be SekiToshi Love OF COURSE!

What can be posted:

Anything that has to do with Seki Toshihiko and his amazing voice works.

Simple Rules:

1. No FLAMING! I'm no Miss Universe finalist, but I do want world peace!

2. Be nice to each other. We're all civilised people, yes?

3. Thou shalt not leech~!!

PLEASE (I can't emphasize this enough, oh wait-) Please, please pretty please, for the love of Sanzo and everything Seki, do try to leave a short comment or a simple 'thanks' if you've just downloaded something off someone. Just a wee bit of appreciation would normally please the contributor(s) immensely! I hope this is not asking too much; we don't want all the nice people who're sharing all these goodies to run away...right?

4. No need to apologize if you're requesting something. It's all up to the goodness of one's heart if he/she decides to entertain your request. But of course, we should all try our best to help each other out.

5. Don't be afraid to request! For all it's worth, at least it'll keep the place alive! ^__^ We have to be genki, like Seki-san!


Lastly, just relax, sit back and let's all drown in some Seki Toshi love! And keep smiling!

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Toshihiko Seki is Love

Thank you, ryuichinohikari!

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Thank you, soubi_no_kissu!

Seki Toshihiko is ♥!

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  • Disclaimer: Images used for layout from Seki Toshihiko's Photo & Essay Book 'Myself'.

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